The school is heavily dependent for its income on the fees paid by parents. School fees ares set by the School Management Committee and currently rise by approximately 3% per year. The Tuition Fees below, do not cover costs of excursion and other activities. The school also receives annual grants from the Commonwealth and NSW Governments for each child enrolled.

Tuition Fees (per Term) for 2020 are:

1st child in family attending the school $815

2nd child $565

3rd child $335

Stationery Fee:

There is an annual stationery charge due at the same time as the Term 1 fees. This charge is $220 per child for 2020. This payment goes towards the cost of equipment and stationery used by the child during the year, including textbooks and workbooks, handwriting books, exercise books, folders, display books, main lesson books, pencils, pens and rubbers. Children are required to provide their own set of coloured pencils.

Family Bond:

At the time of enrolment there is one bond charged to each family. The bond is equivalent to one term’s fees for a first child ($815 in 2020). The bond is refundable provided that notice of at least one full school term is given in writing, before the child leaves the school, or when the last child from the family reaches the end of Year 6.


Expressions of interest and applications for enrolment are invited for children from all grades from Kindergarten to Year 6. There is a fee of $55 required for each application. This fee is non-refundable. The family bond is also payable at the time of enrolment.

Before each child is placed at the school, the School Principal/Delegate will meet with the family to ensure that:

  • the parents have a broad understanding of the school’s educational principles and practices
  • the school will meet the needs of the child

To access our application form you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf). To download a free version of this program, click here.

Download Enrolment Application