The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards is the oldest and largest poetry competition for school students in Australia. The aim of the competition is to capture the imagination of students, inspiring them to express their thoughts creatively through poetry. It is a unique national event, giving Australia’s young people a voice and an opportunity to strive for excellence in literature.

Each year all the children in our school from Kindergarten to Year 6 spend time learning about and writing poetry. At the end of this time they select one of their favourite poems to enter in this competition.

Congratulations to Lara whose poem Satin Bowerbird was shortlisted in the 2013 Poetry Awards for Lower Primary students. Lara’s poem appeared on the Dorothea Mackellar 2013 website. Great work, Lara!

Satin Bowerbird

Bright lilac-blue eyes
Foraging in the forest
Buzzing, hissing, whistling
Building and decorating their bower
A blue detector!

Judge’s Comment: This short poem describes the attributes of the Satin Bower bird very well, but it was the very original final line that really won me – a blue detector – brilliant!

Congratulations to Genevieve whose poem The Brush Turkey was one of only ten poems across Australia that were shortlisted in the 2008 Poetry Awards for Lower Primary students. Genevieve’s poem appeared on the Dorothea Mackellar 2008 website. Great work, Genevieve!

The Brush Turkey

Sweeping the ground
With brown feathers
Pecking and walking
Busy as a mum