Each year our children participate in two Musica Viva programs. These programs are designed to bring music to life for our students and teachers in our own school. The programs are conducted by highly-skilled professional musicians who enjoy sharing their music with children. Musica Viva In Schools is one way we can ensure our students receive the very best music education.

During 2008, our children participated in a show by Musica Viva called Teranga.Teranga exposes the energy and musical heritage of Africa through dance, song, percussion and other unique instruments. Students learn how African music can connect and communicate with people from around the world.

The second program that our students participated in was Sounds Baroque. This program presents Prospero’s Island, a musical drama for young people based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This magical musical tale of shipwrecks, pirates and adventure combines the language and humour of today with the iconic music and instruments from 17th century England, producing an opera that’s accessible to students of all ages.

Musica Viva has always been a wonderful experience for our children and we look forward to participating each year.