Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at Hawkesbury Independent School


An application fee is required with the Application Form. (This is a non-refundable administration fee and does not guarantee the offer of a place.)


To confirm a student’s place in the school, the Family Bond is required as the parents’ acceptance of the offer. The family bond is equivalent to one term’s fees. This fee is redeemable in full, upon written application, if there is no outstanding monies payable, upon the departure of the final child from Hawkesbury Independent School or withdrawal of a child with adequate notice (see below). No money will be refunded for a child enrolled if that child is withdrawn prior to he/she ever having attended classes at Hawkesbury Independent School.


All School fees are due and payable on the first day of each term. If paying by instalments half the term’s fees is due and payable on the first day of term and the second half is due on the first day of week 5. This policy is strictly adhered to, as debt is a cost, and hence, a burden to other fee paying parents. Overdue fees are subject to a late charge, details which are set out in the School newsletter and Hawkesbury Independent School Payment of Fees Guidelines. If the School fees remain unpaid and no special approved arrangements have been made, the student’s enrolment could be terminated and appropriate fee recovery action commenced.


A tuition fee concession is provided where more than one child from the same family attends the School concurrently.


A full term’s notice of the withdrawal of a student must be given in writing to the Principal (or representative). In default of such, the Family Bond will be forfeited and any additional outstanding fees will be required to be paid. Holiday periods do not constitute appropriate notice.


Following receipt of the completed Application Form, your child will be placed on a waiting list for the desired year of entry. There are a number of points the School considers when an application is received and the time of receipt of the application is just one of these points. Interviews are held with parents and children prior to an offer of enrolment being made. A letter of offer may be forwarded and payment of the Family Bond is required as the parents’ acceptance of the offer. If your child is not accepted into the School, the Principal (or representative) will advise you.


    1. If the Principal (or representative), considers that a student is guilty of a serious breach of the rules or has otherwise engaged in conduct which is prejudicial to the School or its students or staff, the Principal (or representative) may exclude the student permanently or temporarily at his/her absolute discretion.
    2. If the School Management Committee or Principal (or representative) believes that a mutually beneficial relationship of trust and cooperation between a parent and the School has broken down to the extent that it adversely impacts on that relationship, then the School, the Management Committee or the Principal (or representative) may require the parent to remove the child from the School

No remission of fees will apply in either case.


The School reserves the right to discipline students for breaches of the School rules or for unacceptable conduct occurring in, or associated with the School. Parents are expected to support the Hawkesbury Independent School’s Behaviour Management Policy (available on the School website).


If a student causes damage or loss to buildings, materials or books owned by Hawkesbury Independent School or the personal property of others, the parent will be liable for cost of replacement.


If a student needs urgent hospital or medical treatment of any nature and the School is unable to contact the parent or guardian after making reasonable efforts, you authorise the Principal (or representative) to give authority for such treatment. You indemnify the School, its employees and agents in respect of all costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly out of such treatment.


The School does not hold any personal health insurance policy covering accidental injury to students and strongly encourages parents to take out their own policy to cover accidents that may occur due to playground activities, sporting events etc.


From time to time student’s photographs are used to promote and market the School. This might include student’s photographs appearing on the School website, in local newspapers or on promotional flyers.

  • We/I give permission for the School to publish photographs of our/my child/ren
  • We/I give permission for photographs of our/my child/ren to appear on the secure section of the school website only
  • We/I don’t want photographs of our/my child/ren to appear in any school publications


Students are responsible for their personal belongings and the School will not be liable for any loss of these belongings.


The School Management Committee may alter these conditions of entry/enrolment at any time by notifying parents/guardians in writing. Alterations will apply from the date of the notice.

  1. We/I apply for the admission to Hawkesbury Independent School of the student named on the Application Form. We/I certify that the details given are correct.
  2. We/I agree to the above Terms and Conditions of Enrolment in relation to the enrolment of our/my child/ren.
  3. We/I agree to pay the fees and charges applicable to our/my child/ren as outlined in the School’s fee schedule and/or invoiced by the School.


Parents/Guardians are requested to inform the School of any changes in address or other relevant details

Mother/ Guardian’s name: ……………………………………………

Mother/ Guardian’s signature: …………………………………….….         Date: …………………………………………..


Father/ Guardian’s name: …………………………………………….       

Father/ Guardian’s signature: …………………………………….…..         Date: …………………………………………..