At Hawkesbury Independent School, the teachers provide an active learning environment where:

  • each child is respected and valued as an individual and as a member of the school community.
  • each child’s enthusiasm for learning flourishes. The emphasis is on “doing”, investigating, exploring and solving problems with the opportunity to pursue individual interests.
  • our educational programs ensure that each child is challenged, makes progress and feels good about what he/she is doing. There is a strong emphasis on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy.
  • small class groups ensure each child receives personal attention – he/she is not “lost in the crowd”
  • the program relates to the whole child – his/her intellectual, physical, creative, emotional and social development.
  • cooperation rather than competition is fostered
  • each child is encouraged to do his/her best work and his/her progress is measured against his/her own previous achievements.
  • positive steps are taken to break down discriminatory attitudes evident in the wider community based on gender, race, religion, disability and age.
  • parents are invited to take part in the day to day activities and the management of the school.