Hawkesbury Independent School truly embraces a ‘love of learning’ philosophy and it provides a supportive nurturing environment for the children to learn and grow. The school has exceeded my expectations on many levels.
We couldn’t have chosen a better school for our children.
My children mostly refuse to stay home if they are sick as it is too much fun at school to not be there. The teachers are positive and caring
I love the fact that I can drop my children off at school in the mornings, knowing that they are going to experience a diverse range of interesting activities each day. The bond that they share with each and every teacher and student at the school, is unique to a small school community. They are happy at school and they have so many things to tell me at the end of each day.
The wonderful, wonderful spirit of curiosity and learning that was a defining feature of each school day; the practice of respect for others; family classes – children learning from each other as well as from the teachers
The great active learning opportunities. The fabulous friendly atmosphere and mixing of children. The enduring friendships the children and parents have made.