Senior Camp for children in Years 5 and 6 will be held on Thursday 23 March 2017 and Friday 24 March 2017 at Canberra. Natalie and Matthew will be the supervising teachers who will be in attendance at Senior Camp the entire time.

The cost is $290 per child and includes travel by bus, accommodation at Canberra City YHA, meals from dinner on the Thursday and involvement in various activities.

Please make sure that you complete both the Permission Note and the Medical Information Form below. Note: The answers to the Medical questions will be kept confidential. Your responses will allow us to provide care for your child while he/she is on camp.

Children are due at school at 5:45am on Thursday 23 March. There will be a teacher there from 5:30am. Children are due back at school at 7:00pm on Friday evening. It is important that you are there to meet your child.

 What to bring to Senior Camp

  1. recess, lunch and afternoon tea for Thursday (including plenty of water)
  2. own pillow (if you wish)
  3. shorts, T-shirts
  4. pyjamas
  5. bath towel
  6. toiletries (soap, toothpaste etc)
  7. sunscreen & sun-safe hat
  8. track pants & jumper
  9. thongs & runners (suitable for walking and activities)
  10. undies & socks
  11. water bottle

What not to bring, please

  1. no food (other than that specified above) nor lollies
  2. no nut products
  3. no money
  4. no electronic devices

Risk Assessment of Senior Camp Program

Bus Travel – to improve travel safety
  1. A bus fitted with retractable seat belts has been hired
  2. Two teachers will accompany children on the bus
  3. Children are to be seated for the duration of the trip.
Stranger Danger – to minimise unwanted contact of our children with the general public
  1. Children will only be able to use the toilet facilities in pairs or small groups. They must first seek permission from one of the teachers to use the toilets and must on return report back to that same teacher.
  2. Children must always stay together with the group
  3. Children will be discouraged from participating in conversations with strangers
  4. Children are not to leave their rooms after “lights out”
Medical Situation – to provide appropriate first aid when required
  1. A mini first aid kit with asthma puffers and epipens will accompany children.
  2. Medical forms completed by parents will accompany children on the excursion.
  3. At least one of the attending teachers will hold a current first aid certificate.
Lost children – to reduce the likelihood of children becoming lost
  1. Two teachers will attend.
  2. Teachers will mark the attendance roll each time the children board the bus throughout the two day excursion
  3. Children will be encouraged to stay with the group and not wander off on their own.
Expectations regarding behaviour – to reinforce the importance of responsible behaviour from all of our students while away from the school, in order to keep them safe
  1. The teachers will expect children to be cooperative and well-mannered and to participate in the program to the best of their ability
  2. The children will be expected to comply with all reasonable directions from teachers and the staff at the various events.
Sun Safety – to minimise the effects of sun
  1. Children will wear a sun hat
  2. Children will be encouraged to apply sun screen
  3. Children will be encouraged to have their recess and lunch in shaded areas

The teachers will reinforce the safety issues with the children at school leading up to the excursion, at the excursion and throughout the two days as necessary. It would be good if parents could also reinforce these safety issues with their children. If you have additional suggestions to help keep our children safe, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of the teachers.


Senior Camp Yrs 5 & 6 Canberra