Each year our whole school (Kindergarten to Year 6) takes part in an intensive 8 day swimming program. Children are assessed at the start of the program and are placed in small groups where they receive swimming coaching. The progress of the children is remarkable over the 8 day period. However, it is only the start of a program and it would be good for children to continue the skills that they have been learning after the whole school program has finished. If you are happy for your child to participate in the program, please complete and submit the following form. The cost for the program is $135 which covers the bus fare, entry to the pool and the swimming lessons over the eight days.

As this program is a whole school program, if you do not want your child to participate in the program, you must pick your child up from school at midday on each day that the program runs.

Risk Assessment of Swimming Program
As we are in a public place that may be used by anyone, it is important to put some safety measures in place:

  • Children will only be able to use the bathroom facilities in pairs or small groups. They must first seek permission from the teacher (or swimming coach) to use the bathroom and must on return report back together, to the same teacher (or swimming coach).
  • Children must stay together with a teacher/swimming coach during the entire time they are at the Pool. (They are not allowed to wander off from the group without first seeking permission from a teacher)
  • Children will be discouraged from participating in conversations with strangers
  • Parents are to collect their children from the teacher at the end of the swimming session (or to organise another adult to collect their children), so that teachers know where children are at all times and that they are in the safe hands of their own parent or another adult appointed by the parent
  • Children will not be left at the Pool if their parent has not arrived on time. They will return to school on the bus.

Sun Safety – to reduce the likelihood of children suffering sunburn

  • Children should wear appropriate swimming shirts and apply their own personal sunscreen.
  • Children should wear googles to help protect their eyes while taking part in the Program

The teachers will reinforce the safety issues with the children at school on Monday 9 October before they go to the Pool and as necessary throughout the Program. It would be good if parents could also reinforce these safety issues with their children.

Please complete the accompanying permission form.

Swimming Program 2017