Throughout the year, children may become ill and at times will return to school after illness requiring medication. We aim to give these children the care they need assuming they are well enough to attend school and that they will not infect other children.

When assistance is required with the administration of medication at school, the parent is responsible for requesting this assistance from the school. The parent and/or prescribing doctor must complete a Medication Authorisation Form and submit it on-line or hand it to a member of staff/delegate. Teachers/Delegates are unable to assist with the administering of medication unless the Medication Authorisation has been completed and the school has the resources to meet the requirements of the prescribing doctor.

Please note:  “If needed” or “As required” is not acceptable on the medication form and will result in non-administering of the medication.  Clear directions must be given, either the time of medication or the specific symptoms required before medication can be given.

The “Administering Medication Authorisation Form” must be either handed to a staff member upon completion or submitted online.

  1. The parent is responsible for ensuring that the medication is clearly labelled with the child’s name, is in its original container, is not out of date and that equipment is in good working order. The medication must be handed to a staff member.
  2. Any child who has been prescribed antibiotics must be kept at home for the first twenty-four (24) hours of the course. However, if a longer period is specified by the Health Department for certain illnesses, the school will strictly abide by those recommendations.

Please note:  All medication is kept in the staffroom out of sight and reach of children. Medication must not be left in children’s bags as this can be extremely dangerous to all children.

Administration of Medication