Each year 100% of the children in Years 2-6 sit the various UNSW Australasian Schools Competitions with excellent results. While some schools only allow their talented children to sit these tests, at Hawkesbury Independent School we do not select which children sit these tests, but rather use the tests as a way of familiarising all of our primary children with the format of external testing. Children learn the skills of taking part in a multiple choice type test, including how to complete the information about themselves, how to interpret the questions and how to complete the computer-marked answers sheet. The tests are taken under exam conditions and are sent away to be marked externally.

We had great results in the 2018 UNSW Science Competition. Of the 30 students who sat the test, 8 children received special awards. That represents 27% of our primary population. Congratulations to Ali who was each awarded a Distinction certificate and was placed in the top 10% of students across the country. Congratulations to Jayden, Matthew, Asher, Sarah and Tristan who were awarded Credit Certificates. Congratulations to Lily and Soren who were each awarded a Merit Certificate. Well done, children!

A great result for our small school!