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Management Committee

Congratulations to the following people who were elected to the School Management Committee on Monday 31 July 2017.

Convenor Daniel Black
Assistant Convenor Bronwyn Moon
Secretary Greg Murphy
Treasurer Natalie Hill
Public Officer Ken Fraser
Ordinary members Blake Shiel
Sherene Abulhawa
Pat Fraser
Natalie David
Matthew Barwick
Liz Rowley
Oonagh Sherrard

Thank you to the outgoing committee members for your hard work and commitment to our school.

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Family Games Night

We are all looking forward to our Family Games Night on Friday 1 September 2017. This is an opportunity for our families to get together at school in a friendly environment. The idea is that teams of people will sit together at tables and “compete” in the games. You can either organise the members of your table prior to the night, or just meet up with people when you arrive or teachers can organise a table for you if you prefer. Have your dinner before you come, and provide some snack food and drinks for your own table. Please no nuts!!!!

The teachers will organise the team games, with different activities suitable for both adults and kids. If you are coming could you please let me know by completing the link below or writing in your child’s diary.

The evening will commence at 7:00pm and end no later than 9.00pm. Hope you can come along and join in the fun.

All school activities are drug-free, tobacco-free and alcohol-free.

Family Games Night 2017

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Parenting Classes

Some parents have indicated that they would like our school to organise some parenting classes.  The idea is that the school could organise for some “expert” speakers to conduct classes at our school to help parents investigate different ways of managing children’s behaviour. The school could provide some child minding if parents thought that would be useful. Before we go ahead and try to organise this we would like to know how many parents would be interested.

Please indicate below whether you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Parenting Classes

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Pat on Leave

After teaching in this beautiful school for 25 years, I have decided to take 2 weeks LSL from the start of Term 4. Our son, Tom, is living in China and Ken and I will be visiting him and touring China. Kelly will be taking my class from Monday to Wednesday on both of the weeks that I will be away and a casual teacher (yet to be decided) will be taking the class on Thursday and Friday of each of the weeks. The first two weeks (Monday to Thursday) of Term 4 are our swimming program and that time is likely to have the least interruption to the children’s academic program. Both teachers will be following my program in my absence.

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NAPLAN Yr 3 & Yr 5

The NAPLAN results for Years 3 & 5 have arrived and will be ready for parents to collect from the Office. We do not usually send home the results with the children. However, if you are unable to collect the reults in person and are happy for them to be sent home with your child, include a note in your child’s diary.

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UNSW Writing & Spelling Competitions

We had some good results in the 2017 UNSW Writing Competition. Of the 29 primary children who sat this very difficult test, 11 children received special awards. That represents 38% of our primary population. Ali, Imogen and Tristan were awarded Distinction Certificates which placed them in the top 10% of students sitting the test; Kalypso, Matthew, Arabella, Lucas and Kyah were awarded Credit Certificates and were placed in the top 25% of students sitting the test; Asher, Soren and Sarah were awarded Merit Certificates.

We had some good results in the 2017 UNSW Spelling Competition. Of the 30 primary children who sat this very difficult test, 6 children received special awards. That represents 20% of our primary population. Ava, Ali, Tristan, Kale and Jet were awarded Credit Certificates and were placed in the top 25% of students sitting the test; Amber was awarded a Merit Certificate.

While our school encourages all of its students to participate, most schools only allow their top students to sit this test.

Great work, children!

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Notice about Leaving the School

Parents are reminded that it is school policy for a term’s notice to be given in writing when withdrawing a child from the School, in order for Family Bonds to be refunded. For any students not continuing at the school next year (2018) this notice would need to be given in writing no later than Friday 22 September 2017. As our School has only a limited number of places available, it is important when considering new enrolments that we know how many vacancies we have.

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Japanese Visitors

It was a great experience having our Japanese visitors for the day this term. We had the opportunity to show them how our school runs during a day. The students joined in our activities happily and taught us some Japanese along the way. We sang some Japanese songs and practised talking in Japanese with them. They talked to us about life in Japan, especially as a student and shared some calligraphy skills with us. It was a wonderful experience for our children.

Thank you to Sharlene & Cameron (Jimmy & Gracie’s parents) and Oonagh & Ian ( Amber & Artie’s parents) who hosted some of the students over the weekend.

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Year 6

A reminder that all year 6 children are invoiced for Term 4 at the start of Term 3. It is a policy of our school that children in year 6 must have all their fees and any outstanding money paid by the end of Term 3 in order to secure their place in our school for Term 4.

If you have any difficulties please contact the School Office on 4573 2218 or email the school.

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School Bank Details

If you wish to pay your fees as a Direct Debit, following are the school bank details:
Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062-595
Account Number: 10106545

Please include your child’s name in the description field.

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Cleaning Roster Term 3

Dates Mid week (Tuesday) Weekend
Mon 17 Jul-Sun 23 Jul Sally & Daniel** Carly & Wayne
Mon 24 Jul-Sun 30 Jul Blais & Daniel** Sheona & James
Mon 31 Jul-Sun 6 Aug Robbie & Doug** Michelle & Peter
Mon 7 Aug-Sun 13 Aug Cathy & Dieter Katrina & Matt**
Mon 14 Aug-Sun 20 Aug  Sarah & Derrin  Tanya & George
Mon 21 Aug-Sun 27 Aug  Bronwyn & Ben Bronwyn & Grant
Mon 28 Aug-Sun 3 Sep  Sharlene & Cameron Loreto & Greg
Mon 4 Sep-Sun 10 Sep Sharon & Steve** Alannah & Glen
Mon 11 Sep-Sun 17 Sep Trish & Jon Naz & Vincent
Mon 18 Sep-Sun 24 Sep Ashley & Blake Sherene & Tom

It is expected that parents who are rostered to clean mid-week will do the cleaning on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.

You need to provide your own cleaning gear as well.
Cleaning involves:
  • Cleaning both bathrooms (one at the end of Pat’s classroom and the other one downstairs)
  • Sweeping the verandahs & under the awning
  • Washing down the aluminium lunch tables

**Note: Your name will be on the cleaning roster even if you have offered to pay the cleaning fee. You will receive an invoice for the cleaning fee and the school will organise someone else to do the cleaning on your behalf.

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Dates to Remember Term 3 and 4 2017

Date Event
Mon 17 Jul  Term 3 commences
Thur 20 Jul  Gymnastic Program begins
Fri 21 Jul  Musica Viva – Tigramuna
Mon 24 Jul  Semester 1 Reports issued
Wed 26 Jul  Parent/Teacher interviews
Thur 27 Jul  Parent/Teacher interviews
Fri 28 Jul  Parent/Teacher interviews
 Fri 28 Jul  Mr Stink (yrs 2-6)
 Mon 31 Jul  AGM 7:00pm
 Tues 1 Aug  UNSW English
 Fri 4 Aug  Japanese visitors
 Mon 14 Aug  Book Week Performance K-6
 Tues 15 Aug  UNSW Maths
 Tues 22 Aug  Saltbush (Kindy-Yr 6)
 Fri 1 Sept  Family Games Night
 Thur 7 Sep  Musica Viva – Adam Hall
 Fri 22 Sep  Term 3 ends
Mon 9 Oct  Term 4 commences
Mon 9 Oct  Swimming Program
 Tues 7 Nov  Kindy Orientation
 Fri 17 Nov  Presentation Night
 Mon 4 Dec  Year 6 Farewell Picnic Day K-6
 Wed 6 Dec  Last Day

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